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7 DIY Pinterest Pages to Keep You Inspired

I've been super active on Pinterest this year, mostly because it's a great place to share what I make but also as a font of inspiration for crafts and also my design work.

Of course, I follow just about every craft blogger on Pinterest by now, they all have amazing ideas, so I thought that I would share some of the ones that have been catching my eye recently. Some of these have a huge following, others might be new to you, and that's the goal with this post, to show you accounts you might not know yet.

I also want to know who are your favorites, do you have any, maybe lesser known pages you'd want to recommend to me?

How to Make a Sliding Knot | Slip Knot Jewelry

Summer is here and for me, lightweight jewelry is always my go to. I made these with satin cord and combined with the sliding knots makes whatever piece you create very comfortable to wear and perfect for the beach. You can then personalize it by adding charms and beads that you like.

DIY 5 Styles of Hair Tie Bracelets | Friendship Bracelets

This season I've been seeing some stores sell this sort of mix between a bracelet and a hair tie that I find super handy. Not only looks good as a bracelet but it's also functional. 

So following this trend I created this set of different styles that you can try, all of them very easy to make. 
These are also really cute to make with your best friend as a friendship bracelet or make a complete set to give as a gift.  

Watch the video bellow for step-by-step instructions and all the supplies are listed bellow it.